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Underground Artist – Mainstream Future- Detroit’s Tasia Rockit!

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Urban Music In Its Most Beautiful Sound - More than Just Songs - Underground R&B Sensation, Tasia Rockit . Photo Courtesy of C2

Positivity. That is something you don’t hear much in the urban music of the underground. Well, Tasia Rockit’s underground (soon to be national) single “Good Love” is full of it! “Good Love” is honestly one of the most infectious songs that I have heard in a very long time. A great attitude is also something that is is hard to find amongst hip-hop/R & B artists on Detroit‘s scene … well, it can be found in Tasia, as well. A great performer and consummate professional, she turned what would normally be a fickle crowd at a Detroit underground hip-hop show and made them conform to her.

While it was broadcast live by, the chat rooms went crazy for Tasia’s single! Everything about the track screams “Hit!” and it’s one of those rare songs that anyone who knows music can tell is going a long way; just a few seconds in. None of this is to say that she hasn’t any more songs that could be sure-fire hits! In fact, everything that she has recorded and put out professionally has a certain real, catchy and rhythmic feel to it that you don’t hear in many artists. I a city full of immense talent, she definitely stands out.

One of the world’s hottest new R & B tracks, her single can be heard/seen at: Hottest New R & B Songs – Detroit’s Tasia Rockit”. You can follow her on twitter at: Hottest New R & B Artists, Detroit Underground – Tasia Rockit. Her debut album is nearly done and will be for sale soon. You can download her music, as well. (Link coming soon).

She is currently with a group of equally talented artists known as “Chiller’s Click”. (Or C2 Recordings). It is an underground Detroit record label. There is a certain class to all of their music. You can follow their work and performance schedule at on facebook at: Underground Detroit Rap Artists, R & B Songs, Urban Music, Chiller’s Click

She will be a headlining artist at July 2nd’s “Put on For Our City – Part Two”, which will be held at the infamous Bullfrog Bar & Grill. She has earned such a slot and that’s how the U.A.D.A does it – “show and prove” and you will be rewarded with prizes the further your career, headlining slots and work on widely distributed projects. We look forward to Tasia’s work being featured on the upcoming U.A.D.A. mixtape!

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June 22, 2011 at 1:20 am

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  2. Oh my baby I am soooooo proud of you. Stay focused my song bird, it;s so nice to see you growing into the great artist that I knew you would be. Love you baby keep rockin it.

    Your Mom

    June 21, 2011 at 4:21 am

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